ABSTRACTIONPARK7090 can be recognized by its cheerful geometric design: 7 columns, a pyramid and an enormous cluster of spheres are arranged in a public space. They form the three abstractions: The GROM, The GROT and The GROET. Each abstraction offers a world of experiences to the curious visitor.

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The GROT is about the primal scream: the ultimate cry from which all sound emerged. Seven, 4 metres high columns are set up in a space. People can walk freely between the columns, touch them and listen to them. The Grom is an enormous, constantly changing collage of sound. The audience can influence the music that will sound out of the columns by pushing a button, by opening a hatch or by turning a wheel.


The GROT is an exuberantly coloured, 4 metres high pyramid. The pyramid is painted by Marcel van de Berg. Once inside, you will discover a hall of mirrors.
The infinited reflections make
The GROT a place for abstract selfreflection: Inside the pyramid a telephone is installed where people can call the Complaints Window of ABSTRACTIONPARK7090 and where people can lodge a complaint. Of course the complaint can also be a secret wish or a prayer.


The GROET is a comical, cheerful fountain of sound, and an ode to the magic you feel when you experience a sound for the first time. A bunch of transparent spheres hang above a podium full of remarkable rotating machines, hoses and taps.
The spheres are balloons with a 2 metres diameter. Attached to the balloons are hoses which end in an organ pipe. The public can use taps to allow air to escape, resulting in an extremely shaky/vulnerable music.
People are also invited to play and create beats with the rotating machines of Yuri Landman.