Midgets, bearded ladies and deformities in jars were originally a fixed part of the fair. You could say that the experience of looking at bearded ladies and at modern art is similar: it is surprising and bewildering, it stimulates the imagination, throws up questions and causes excitement. Both things can produce a mix of emotions, such as disgust and attraction: coming across the bearded lady in a park would be frightening, but at the fair you eagerly buy a ticket to see her.
Besides acting as hosts, we have developed three ceremonies that unsettle and reassure: unsettle due to the appearance of high priests on hover boards; reassure through the use of recognizable rituals and actions. The three ceremonies are abstractions of famous 20th century performances.


KWAT is a choreography for three priests based on Samuel Beckett’s theatre piece "Quad II" (1980). As in Beckett’s piece, KWAT is a mechanized, ritual dance that systematically investigates the rules which govern how you should move in public space. Beckett was inspired by a quote from Dante’s "Inferno" which suggests that people who always walk on the left will end up in hell. With this heathen ritual in mind, Beckett let four performers, dressed in primary colours, come from various corners and go away again like ghostly walkers.
In KWAT, three abstractly clothed priests go around the church on hover boards. At set times they will perform this withdrawn, slightly disruptive ritual at De GROM.


A fair is often opened by the local brass band leading a festive parade to the fairground. Abstractionpark 7090 will also have its own brass band, with only one dream work in its repertoire: “Vier Fanfares” (1995) by Dick Raaijmakers. This  musical work for tape is almost impossible to perform live, let alone with a marching band. Still, we dream about extracting the musical essence of this masterful work and performing it live, and parading the festive TOET in and around the grounds.


Many fairs traditionally close with fireworks. Chasing away malignant spirits and thoughts is an appropriate cleansing ritual for the last day of the fair. SOP is our own cleansing ritual to close Abstractionpark 7090. Inspired by Allan Kaprow’s happening "Soap", we’ve compiled a list prescribing how you should wash yourself and with what, from bubble blowing liquid to strawberry jam. As demonstration washers we’ll give a good example, creating a collective washing happening for a fresh start.