De GROT (The Grotto) is a 4 metres high pyramid with an exuberantly coloured window on one side. This large window is painted by Marcel van de Berg. Every day he adds a new layer, so that at the end of the project there will be a work of many layers, comprising new actions, bits of old actions, and everything in between.
At the entrance to the pyramid is the Complaints Window, where people can lodge a complaint by saying it out loud. Of course the complaint can also be a secret wish or a prayer.
Once inside, you discover that the multi-coloured window is reflected by mirrors. The infinite reflections make the pyramid bigger on the inside than on the outside. Koen Kaptijn and Nora Mulder send the collected complaints and hearts’ desires through the walls, mixed with echoes of the sounds from De GROM and De GROET. De GROT is an emotional “son-et-lumière” and an intimate virtual encounter with other visitors.