04.02.2017 Orgelpark Amsterdam
7090 of the music is 15 years!

Some artists are not even born when they begin their work. Pleasant, this is 7090. They have been working for 15 years in various venues, all over the country. Now they announce their anniversary. With the main characters of the three artists of 7090. Younger artists 7090 do not know so well, wonder about its long existence. 7090 works of music for "so long"? How old would be 7090?

Many ensembles with such a record are almost fused with the performing arts. A moment and then reached 7090 also that status and is the famous "black hole" in sight. Fortunately there are plenty of ideas to ensure that they fall into it. Together with their friends 7090 goes back to now and they learn to cope with the new situation soon in order to prevent the fans from 7090 run screaming from the audience since 7090 -arrived as they are- is involved in everything. It has not yet! The Orgelpark is the host and the bar is open. It's time for an anniversary!